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Royche Air Fryer 2 Ltre Capacity

Royche Air Fryer 2 Ltre Capacity

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‼️Criteria for choosing an air fryer
1. Appropriate size for single-person household use
2. When preparing for work in the morning, simply bake bread or
3. Simple dumplings/fried potatoes for a late night snack
4. Washing dishes will be easy
5. I want to be able to see the inside (I keep getting tired of it while I leave it unattended ㅠ)

The oven type is so large that it is difficult to wash dishes.
When I tried using the basket scent, it was uncomfortable and I couldn't see the inside.
I was still using it without an air fryer.
I found the Royce KAF-200T and purchased it.

The basket is made of glass and is small, so it fits the specifications I want, but there were no actual purchase reviews, so I thought about it and ended up buying it because it was uncomfortable.

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