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Remington Hair Dryer | Professional Hair Dryer

Remington Hair Dryer | Professional Hair Dryer

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Remington Hair Dryer offers proficient styling results with 2-step air blow guideline, 3-step temperature guideline, diffuser for volume, styling spout for accuracy, cold air blow, and simple to-clean removable engine cover. It has a recurrence of 50/60 Hz and a power rating of 5000W. Accomplish smooth and sparkly hair with  Hair Dryer.

Remington Hair Dryer Key Features:

2-Step Air Blow Guideline.
Power 5000W
3-Step Temperature Guideline.
Diffuser Expanding Hair Volume.
Styling Fixation.
Cold Air Blow Rack.
Removable Engine.
Cover-Simple to Clean.

What is in the Box:

1 x Hair Dryer.
2 x Attachment
1 x Diffuser Connection.


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