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Remington Hair Dryer | D-9001

Remington Hair Dryer | D-9001

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Remington Hair Dryer D-9001 offers proficient styling results with 2-step air blow guideline, 3-step temperature guideline, diffuser for volume, styling spout for accuracy, cold air blow, and simple to-clean removable engine cover. It has a recurrence of 50/60 Hz and a power rating of 5000W. Accomplish smooth and sparkly hair with  Hair Dryer.

With an outline that includes two steps for the airflow, three steps for the temperature, a diffuser for volume, a styling spout for accuracy, cold airflow, and an engine cover that is easy to take off and clean, you can get expert results in style. It works at a 50/60 hertz frequency and can handle up to 5000 watts of power. Using a hair dryer can help you get hair that is smooth and shiny.

If you dry and style your hair simultaneously, you may save time and keep it from getting damaged.
With a powerful dryer and the right accessories, you can style your hair simultaneously.
Ceramic and ionic technology might help protect your hair from heat damage and frizz.

Remington Hair Dryer D-9001 Key Features:

  • 2-Step Air Blow Guideline.
  • Power 5000W
  • 3-Step Temperature Guideline.
  • Diffuser Expanding Hair Volume.
  • Styling Fixation.
  • Cold Air Blow Rack.
  • Removable Engine.
  • Cover-Simple to Clean.

What is in the Box:

  • 1 x Hair Dryer.
  • 2 x Attachment


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