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Handheld Claw Head Massager | Light Blue

Handheld Claw Head Massager | Light Blue

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Head Massager With ergonomic handle massager, scalp rub hook and scalp rub brush are not difficult to grasp and helpful to use at whenever and anyplace. You can undoubtedly place it in your pocket and rucksack, without battery or charging, assume it to any position, rub your scalp whenever, anyplace, loosen up the scalp and dispose of anxiety. Paw knead head with adaptable steel balls can successfully advance blood course in the head, nonstop utilize consistently can work on the nature of rest and ease weariness, let head rub lessen pressure and loosen up the scalp, feel more empowered in day in and day out.  This head massager is not only for the scalp, but also for the neck, legs, arms, etc., which can provide deep relaxation and reduce stress. The best choice to use in home, office, school and travel. Simple to use it wihtout battery or charging. Handheld Claw Head Massager | 6 Pcs Manual Massager

Handheld Claw Head Massage Key Features:

Scalp massager brush: 15cm

Scalp massager claw: 19.5*8.5cm

Quantity: 1 Pieces

What’s In The Box:

  • 1x Manual Massager


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